challenge yourself and others
add to the goal for summer trails challenge

Every June, the community rallies together and hits the trails to log miles for the Summer Trails Challenge. 1 mile=$1 to GVLT from the Community Match Pool. New this year, we're letting you up the goal and add to the Community Match Pool before the Challenge starts. With a donation, you can challenge yourself, your friends or your family to a mileage goal. You'll not only be giving yourself a personal challenge, you'll be adding to the total the Community needs to earn. You have until May 30th to make your personal challenge donation. You can challenge people by name in your donation so we can let them know!

monitoring field season starts
Stewardship staff to visit 105 properties

Completing a conservation easement is just the beginning of a landowner's relationship with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. We're a forever partner so we visit each of our 105 conserved properties every single year. Our Stewardship Team, Peter and Lucas, monitor properties annually to not only ensure that the conservation easement is being upheld, but also to provide resources for landowners to further protect and enhance the conservation values on their properties. We don't see much of Peter and Lucas in the spring and summer months and we're often jealous of the time they get to spend in the most beautiful parts of our valley, connecting with the generous landowners who have trusted us to keep their land open forever. Check out their resource guide for landowners on our website. 

national Trails day
volunteer to improve highland glen trails

When we all pitch in, we can get a lot of work done! We rely on hundreds of volunteers to tackle big projects on National Trails Day each year. This year we're teaming up with Bozeman Health to improve and maintain the single track trails at the Highland Glen Nature Preserve. Grab your friends, family, or coworkers and pitch in for a morning of gratifying work like improving switching backs, smoothing tread, de-berming, pulling weeds and more. No home tools necessary this year, gloves recommended. 

downtown wetlands protected
wetlands donated to sacajawea Audubon 

We applaud Ileana Indreland and Mike Delaney who have donated their downtown wetlands property to the Sacajawea Audubon Society who will be preserving it as a nature sanctuary for birds and other wild critters. The Audubon Society plans to build a nature center where they can host education for the community and children. We love seeing partnerships like this that make incredible, visionary things happen. Great job and thank you to all involved for protecting this critical property and resource for our community!

Chris Nord

Thank you to Chris Nord, a super volunteer who always says yes, even to the hard projects! Chris volunteers as a sweeper for our Discovery Walks, providing support to our volunteer leaders and partners. Chris is also a rockstar trail volunteer, most recently shoveling gravel in the rain to prepare for the Triple Tree Trail project on May 18th. Thank you Chris!

Homebase Partners

Thank you to HomeBase Partners, a Gold Sponsor of our bi-annual Evening on the Land celebration. Business sponsors like HomeBase provide significant financial support to GVLT so that we can continue to connect our community trails and protect our region's open landscape. The HomeBase team will be joining us to toast this incredible place and the generous folks who protect it at our Evening on the Land on August 10th. Thank you HomeBase Partners!