New faces to trails and lands
Welcome chad and Anna

Our team at GVLT is growing! We're excited this month to welcome Anna Floyd and Chad Klinkenborg to the family. Anna will be GVLT's intern through next fall thanks to a partnership with the Montana Conservation Corps (MCC). She'll be assisting with trail volunteers, trail ambassadors, maintenance, conservation stewardship and more. Chad joins the GVLT staff as another Lands Project Manager to keep up with the growing list of landowners who are interested in conserving their properties. Please give them a big GVLT welcome.

Best of Local Trails
Vote for 'best of' Bozeman trails in our poll

There are some great 'Best of' lists in Bozeman but we want to get a little more specific. We want to know, what are the best of local trails? We all have our favorite trails for views, runs, kids, dogs etc. And we know you have that trail you hope no one will discover, your best kept secret trail. We want to know, so dish! Poll will close February 1st and results will be shared in the next e-newsletter. Share with friends! Which trails will reign in 2019?

not new news
Archive article shows legacy of conservation

Recently we've been revisiting and sorting our media archives. One story continues to stick out and reminds us of the permanence and lasting legacy of conservation; our very first landowner and conservation easement, Gertrude Baker. While the world has changed and time marches on, her land is exactly as it was in 1991. Even as the nearby town of Bozeman has doubled in population in the 18 years since she conserved her land, one can still find quiet and Montana splendor all around. That is the lasting legacy of conservation. While Gertrude's story is the first of many, we share it as a reminder that the work of GVLT is not new news. It is a steadfast, consistent, acre-by-acre strategy that stands the test of time. 47,000 acres and counting, here's to you Gertrude.

Salga a caminar!
trail maps translated into spanish

Our growing community is changing and becoming more diverse. The last census stated that 3.6% of Gallatin County' s population is Hispanic. In order to make our community trails and parks easily accessible by all, we have translated our trail map and TrailsRx (trails prescription) map into Spanish.  Oftentimes it is simply a lack of information that can intimidate someone or prevent them from feeling confident outdoors. Our trails are a community asset where all are welcome no matter their race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. Trails may be one of the few places where we can all come together to find solitude, peace, quiet, natural beauty, friendship, and community.

trailhead helpers

We've been seeing social media posts and news stories about volunteers and nonprofits like Run Dog Run stepping up to keep trailheads, restrooms, and parks clean during the government shutdown. This month's shout out goes to you! We live in a great community where people pitch in, without being asked, because they care about this place. If you see dog waste piling up, consider bringing a bag with you and helping out. That's the Bozeman way.

laura fedro interiors

Big thanks to Laura Fedro Interiors for giving us expert advice on how to furnish our new office space. Laura has helped us think through how to make our new office functional, fun and feeling like home. Thank you Laura!